About NEOexpress

NEOexpress is a data-visualisation tool to create, share and run reports from public data-sets hosted by IES.
Data includes the full history of the Australian NEM and gas data (STTM, DWGM, GSH, GasBB), Western Australian SWIS, the Philippines WESM data, Australian weather data provided by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), and others. NEOexpress is great for companies that don’t have the market data (e.g. MMS Australian NEM data) installed and its much cheaper than the alternative which could easily cost in excess of $150K with $50K+ annual costs and as much as six months to get installed.
With NEOexpress, you only need to install the client software, login with your details, and then simply use the provided standard reports that we have created for you. We also provide support to create new reports on request subject to conditions that they can be included in the standard sets and is of general use to other users.
NEOexpress is also a great option for NEO users. With a NEOexpress account you can access your own data and reports plus ours! It also gives you access to our library of 1000’s of reports which as a current licensee you are free to copy to your own servers.

NEOexpress provides access to over 1000 fully tested reports covering the entire history of the NEM and Australian gas markets. It has the full capabilities of a desktop application, unlimited installs and great support.

This merit order bid stack offers unparalleled analysis of bids. Its essentially a series of supply curves stacked horizontally plus region generation and prices to allow a simplistic visualisation of marginal players.

NEOexpress allows you to easily find the report you want using global searches to list all matching reports. You can create your own lists of short cuts which we call "favourites".

As well as chart view it has a tabular view of the data that also provides two merged views for combining data from different sets and even aligning time series. Tables can also be styled to highlight cells based on value.

NEOexpress has advanced time classification so it goes beyond peak, off-peak and shoulder to differentiate public holidays based on region. The built-in time classification view allows you to easily analyse these classifications.

Lots of data

NEOexpress provides access to the full history of Australian NEM and Gas data (including STTM and DWGM) plus access to SWIS, BOM and Philippine WESM data.

Powerful analytics

NEOexpress has all the power of NEO so it includes built-in processing and analytics for all the complex data formats used in the energy industry such as bids and constraints. And NEO is also a powerful generic data analyser with its built-in Python scripting and cascading report styling.

Faster reports

Reports run faster because of the extensive work we have done in optimising our database configuration and query designs. We have even developed special batch processing of some data sets such as bids using what we call the "NEO Bids Accelerator" or NBA which greatly increases the speed of bids reports.

Real time data updates

Reports update within seconds of data being published. We have a very high speed connection to AEMO for our data replication so updates are the fastest in the industry.

  • Access to IES extensive library of reports and variables.
  • Included support and new report requests - tell us what you what and within reason we create it for you free of charge.
  • Available schemas: MMS, VICGAS, STTM, GSH, IMOWA, GASBB, BOM temperature and wind.
  • Unlimited installs, license count based on number used at the same time.
  • Build your own favourites.
  • No need to set up and maintain database.
  • No database drivers required.
  • Perform batch runs.
  • Optionally add NEOexpress services as a workspace to NEO to get access to your own reports and data and IES provided data.