Optional Extras

NEO Site License

  • NEO is a data visualisation tool, designed to easily manage and display large and complex data from multiple data sources allowing meaningful insights to be made. NEO presents complex data sets in simple graphical formats. NEO is highly customizable, easy to create, share and run reports..
  • NEO comes with 100s of pre-defined standard MMS reports that presents complex data sets in simple graphical or tabular formats.
  • FREE NEOpoint access to connect to the customer’s Microsoft Azure database.
  • FREE NEOexpress connection to IES Database, serves as a backup or a way to familiarise yourself while we setup NEO.

AEMO Historical Data

For more information about NEO Site License, please go to our NEO product page.


Intelligent Energy Systems (IES) provides a managed Cloud Data Service (CDS) which enables energy organisations to deploy Australian electricity databases within a data centre, such as Microsoft Azure.


  • Data models upgrade. Usually AEMO upgrades the MMS model by Year-end Release/Midyear Release. The upgrade scripts only support Oracle & MS SQL databases.
  • Data processing monitor. IES will setup a Windows server on Azure to ensure that data processing is reliable. PDRBatcher, PDRLoader & Data monitor will be installed on the server. Our data monitor can identify any failures and most of the time it can automatically remediate problems. If it can’t, it will notify us to fix it manually. Furthermore, we will upgrade PDRBatcher & PDRLoader when AEMO releases a new version.
  • Database instance monitor. We will set up alerting and notification policies for monitoring CPU, RAM, storage & uptime in Stackdriver. With rich visualisation and advanced alerting we can identify issues and fix them accordingly.
  • Database backup & recovery. We will schedule backups when your instance has the least activity. In the event of database failure we will restore the database with the latest backup.
  • AEMO VPN connection maintenance. A VPN connection between Azure and AEMO is required for the real-time MMS data to be downloaded from the AEMO FTP server. Note: Customer must have their own access to AEMO VPN ready before we install CDS.
  • IES will also setup a data processing monitor system that will notify both IES and the customer for any failures or problems with loading the data.
  • Optionally, IES will setup a Generic Data Loader (or any other data loading tool) to load customer’s other private data (e.g. from CSV flat file).
  • Unlimited telephone & email support. You can log your requests via telephone &/or email and our support team will be there to assist your needs.